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G.I Pink Gas - LPB / Mendo Breath - 6ixpensary / First Review

... job - which I paid 125 an oz so its a non-issue. Would recommend to petrolheads - she stanky. Screenshot_20200502-115935_Gallery.jpg MOM NAME: 6ixpensary OVERALL RATING OUT 10: 4 COMMUNICATION/SERVICE: Haven't had to contact them. First purchase. SHIPPING/PACKAGING: In a box with a sealed bag ...

Best MOM on a Budget!

... cannabis canada shop? blowout420? westcoastweeds? All these places have $99 oz. Also: supremebcbuds? lowpricebud (for the pink kush)? herb center? 6ixpensary? Please let me know if I have overlooked any useful coupon codes that would help me out with these places (or other places you recommend ...

Cannabudpost Review!

... around lightly. The high on pink is very strong indica high one of the best ive had in awhile! Reminds me of a really nice OG Kush i got from 6ixpensary one time. I would definitely get this strain again , it's perfect for sleep and night time.

6ixpensary Update (budrot) - took down previous positive review

... it in person because no MOM ever sent me bud that wasn't grown, dried and cured properly. Anyways, I had my mason jar of the Platinum Cookies from 6ixpensary in front of me and I looked down and saw the bottom of one of the nugs and it was almost IDENTICAL to the picture of the Broken Coast bud ...

Re: RecMeds - Citrus Skunk

... to pay the extra little bit and get one of these instead. Definitely looks like some quality stuff. Have you tried one of the budget oz's from 6ixpensary yet? I've heard many good things, but haven't pulled the trigger just yet

6ixpensary - Feb19

MOM name: 6ixpensary Packaging: Mylar bags, vac-sealed, basic brown box, standard stuff. ALl bags tagged with strain and size Communication: Chatted with them on their website, asked how the Pink Kush was, they were upfront and ...

6ixpensary Review.

MOM Name: 6ixpensary Overall rating out of 10: 10/10 my best MoM order so far. Sign Up: Very simple just had to put in my email and it was done instantly. Ordering & Pricing: Good Prices for the quality of the flowers they ...

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