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Grease Monkey Strain

... 35% off *Bulk pricing cannot be stacked with other ongoing promotions / discounts or coupons. In the event that a coupon stacked with another, Supherbs reserves the right to deem the order invalid and may have a customer service rep respond to correct the order.

Super Silver Haze

... if you are suffering from chronic pain, Super Silver Haze will do more than just tone it down for you. Buy Super Silver Haze online in Canada at Supherbs today.

Moby Dick - $120 Ounces Today Moby-Dick-Strain-Buy-moby-dick-strain-in-canada-at-supherbs.jpg Moby Dick Strain Info Type of Weed Sativa Cannabinoids CBD, THC Strain THC % 27 Strain CBD % 1 Effects Energizing, ...

Cookies Kush

Cookies Kush Strain Cookies-Kush-buy-cookies-kush-online-in-canada-at-supherbs.jpg Cookies Kush is a indica dominant hybrid strain created as a cross of the delicious Girls Scout Cookies X Rolex Kush strains. This bud was bred to be sold in coffee shops in ...

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