Ceramic soldering iron instead of Herb Iron

Use to have a Herb Iron for a couple years but it broke and I didn’t feel like spending another 100$ to get one. I went on aliexpress and found this ceramic soldering iron with a on/off switch which is an important safety feature as most soldering irons don’t have a switch it’s just on all the time until you unplug it. When a new user signs up on aliexpress you can get a 3$ coupon and basically get the soldering iron shipped for 5$ US.When you get it just unscrew the metal tip exposing the ceramic heating element and now your set to light your bowls 😎
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3289373 ... 4c4dcYKJNn

Re: Ceramic soldering iron instead of Herb Iron

highflyer234 wrote: Sun Apr 05, 2020 5:46 am what's the difference between the soldering iron and the lighter? i mean you'd prefer the soldering iron then?
The difference is in the taste. With the soldering iron it doesn't have that burnt weed taste that you get with a lighter. You can also use hemp wick instead of a lighter but the smoke given off from the wick burning personally gives me a headache so I rather use the soldering iron instead. Another bonus aside from better tasting weed is you don't have to buy anymore lighters or butane.