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AAAA Black Death, Animal Tsunami, Birthday Cake, Purple Afghan etc/ Bud Empire July 2022

AAAA Black death Bubba


Major destressor, HEAVY super Potent indica as it should be, slows down your body and then feels like a dull punch to the head the little I tested in my Arizer. Cafe au lait with sweet aftertaste and smoooth terps smoke experience and high is the best and potent about it. The bag appeal like heavy indicas is nice but the pic I took made it look supernice. Gassy, not a personal fan of tuna ...but rocks like one. Probably my favorite on the menu second time I tried it
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The following samples were provided for review:

Animal Tsunami AAAA this is a monster of a strain taste great interesting terps on nose hits like a train. Beautiful bag appeal True Quad. Recommended
Only 2 OZ left at $185

Purple Afghan AAAA
Good if you like heavy afghanis bullrider cuts and grapey terps shine through 180 oz plus my code. l actually recommend the shiskaberry (180 plus discount) if you after chill and berry terps to enjoy moments still functional over the Mac is pretty but not as hard hitting or impressive the price probably reflects this. (155 plus my discount) The birthday cake also nice at 180 plus my code for the chill and cherry cookies terps are second only to purple afghan on the nose much more cerebral also functional

Shishkaberry AAAA

Birthday Cake AAAA

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