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AAAA Death cookies, Chip mints mids, Rainbow Pie, Ice cream cake AAAA / Bud Empire/Aug22 *Incentivized

I picked up an order of my choice for some affiliate work and deal postings and want to share a pic of the AAAA Death Cookies was a favorite this time, not much left to stock. Has that gassy death bubba to it you would also enjoy the black death bubba too on sale still in stock. Has that more sweet cookies to it, quad weed that gets you to the same place to sleep but perhaps a bit less forward head smashing and gentler in its effects. Also due to the cross good for inflammation and better bag appeal with large hard pretty orange haired nugs from the cookies. LOVED it favorite flower this order big Death bubba, bubbas strain fan.
Chipmint mids
Nice terps on these smaller quad nugs for the value
crystal covered and terpy sticky nugs with some coloration. Good vape and potency, high chill effects. Was generous on weight and made up the majority of my order. Only thing to say is all small nugs so AAAA- or smalls AAAA but for the value 130/oz with a coupon is a STEAL.

And if you use my coupon Booti20 on regular priced items you save 20%

Rainbow Pie
Rated AAA+ on site. I got 7g and if not for the size of the nugs which were all small, seem to not have much stock left, I would rate it closer to a quad/AAAA- so very accurate but still dank nice effects blue fpebbles skittles terps come through and decent potency for sample. Very satisfied with my selections and service.

Ice cream cake AAAA
Potent and nice terps. Mid sized were provided for sample which varied alot in shape and size. Not as smooth as the other flower sampled this order, and rated for value.