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Death Bubba/Tiger Cake/Gorilla Butter * One Two Treez * September

Strain - Gorilla Butter (Peanut Butter Breath x Gorilla Glue #4)

Visual/Texture - medium sized bud formations with a delectable spade shaped appearances. Limited movement behind these fresh semi dense nugs, continuing its fresh sticky texturing deep within. A captivating deep rich indigo tone encapsulates the structures, having lighter lime green along with medium emerald undertones. Covered in a thick layered spread of milky trichomes, while sparsely populated by tiny copper pistils

Scent/Burn - dispensing a distinct profile of exotic scented terpenes. Surrounded by overtones featuring a loud nutty skunk fuel, sitting beside subtle notes of creamy earthiness. Taking in hoots flavored of nutty diesel skunk, following a creamy earth. Exhaled off becoming more of a robust earthy gassy, having a lingering nutty spice. An even ratio of salt to pepper being developed in the ash

High/Effects - Gorilla Butter sitting as an indica heavy hybrid (70/30) experiencing an initial influx of uplifting euphoria, setting the mind free of any thoughts of racing negativity. There's slowly a release of warmth that settles over the body, ceasing motivation, as a relaxing sensation takes over. A laid back high is provided to both mind and body, making this a burn being best suited for later day or an evening time smoke
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Strain - Tiger Cake (The Menthol x Layer Cake)

Visual/Texture - decently thick harmonizing spade shaped medium sized buds. Fairly firm density allowing for little budge, with a crisp shelled surrounding, fluffing right up once busted. A deep dark forest green combined with a medium jade shades occupying the majority of the surface, with hidden vibrant violet accented undertones. Completely caked by a rich healthy spread of snowy trichomes, and heavily infested with shorter copper hairs

Scent/Burn - lighter terpene emissions that gain volume over the burn. An aroma distribution of sweet skunky herbs, holding a faint presence of earthy cream. Taking in hits of sweet skunky herbs, followed by a creamy earth flavor. Releasing out to more of a sweet creamy, spiced earthiness. Producing a lightly grey peppered ash, and circled with an oily ring of resin

High/Effects - Tiger Cake having a slight indica lean behind this hybrid (60/40). Heightened by its immediate uplifting effects, sparking an energetic surge of motivation, and enticing socializing, finding it easy to getting carried away in conversation. A head full of euphoria completely reversing any racing negative thoughts, while a calming sense of warming relief is supplied over the bodies entirety. Bringing on a high that can be enjoyed over the course of the day
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Strain - Death Bubba (Death Star x Bubba Kush)

Visual/Texture - compiled as one large sized bulbous bud, being formed with a giant lumpy spear shape. Thick tightly wound density that's met by resistance when pressed together. A medium moss green shade occupies most of the nug, accompanied by light grass colored undertones, highlighted with sharpened indigo patches. Clusters of shorter copper pistils stemming from the unit, which is finely dusted in a glistening coating of frosted snowy trichomes

Scent/Burn - a dank pungent aroma surrounding this herb, opening with overtones of volumized skunky pines, followed closely with an earthy gassy citrus. Pulling in hoots full of rich gassy pines, followed by a robust earthy citrus. Released out to a skunky cedar taste, and hints of spicy pines. Burning to a clean grey lightly peppered ash, while trailed by a greasy build

High/Effects - Death Bubba is a strain known for its potent indica dominant (70/30) quick to unleash its effects. Opening to an unfocused cloudy head of haze, having any remaining thoughts of productivity being derailed. A mood heightening euphoria eases in, while feeling of relaxation wash down the body, providing a sensation of relief throughout. A strain that's more for later day or evening use, with motivation taking a backseat
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