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Coastal Pink/White Elephant/Mango Gummies/Tom Ford Pink * Elephant Garden * December

Strain - Tom Ford Pink (Pink Kush x Death Bubba)

Vistual/Texture - mixed between smaller to medium sized, dense lumpy oval shaped buds. Crisp surrounding exterior shell that has a squeezable density, and lined to the core with a sticky resin texturing. Deep olive shading contrasting against medium moss tints, beside hues of bright neon green, with buried purple plum undertones. A healthy divided spread of skinny copper hairs spread over the nugs, which are suited up in a coat of sugary frosted trichomes

Scent/Burn - immediately presenting some bold heavy scented terpenes. Strong emissions profiled by a distinct sweet floral skunk aroma, accompanied by lighter notes of sour citrus herbs. Drawing in a sweet floral skunkiness, followed by a sour herbal taste. Releasing out to more of a sweetened floral, and hints of cedar citrus. Burning off a salt & peppered ash, while wearing a ring of shiny resin grease

High/Effects - Tom Ford Pink is a potent reliable indica powered hybrid. A heavy feeling sinking into the eyes, while experiencing an influx of euphoria providing a heightened mood of bliss. As the stone progresses, so do its effects of relaxation, experiencing an alleviating warming sensation while surfacing a more laid back status. More of a later day or evening time strain, having any productive thoughts quickly fade
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Brand - Mango Flavored Bulk Edibles

Visual/Texture - this mylar coming loaded up with fifty of these malleable mini Mango blocks tallying to a whopping 1500mgs. These soft squeezable sun colored squares sharing similar small sized statures, with all six sides dusted by a fine layer of granulated sugar, adding to the flavor while substantially reducing its sticky factor

Flavor - zero issue while handling these small snack sized cubes. Fresh softened texture making these blocked bricks chewable at ease, adding a sweetened Mango flavor, terrific tasting while sporting no potential unwanted linger occuring post polishing

Potency/Effects - holding to a steady 30mg per piece, polishing 5 to 6, taking lift off courtesy of a triple digit dose. A heavy feeling of magnetizing pressure drawing the eyelids together, while receiving an enlightened euphoric essence. The high becomes more relaxing as it wanes deeper in, taking the edge off while slowly tapering to a calmer demeanor, easing tension, extinguishing any existing motivational thoughts, while ending with sleep assistance. These slightly sedative  squares are ideal for consuming as an evening time edible
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Strain - White Elephant (Purple Elephant x White Widow)

Visual/Texture - an absolute compact medium sized unit of a bud, a dense mass with emerging fox-tails. Heavy resistance behind this tightly wound formation barely budging when squeezed, cracked apart to expose its sticky lining. Containing a vibrant violet colored hue over the majority of the nug while catching an occasional shade of dark olive green amongst the structure. An abundance of fiery orange pistils unfurl over the mass, which is coated in a healthy layer of glistening milky trichomes

Scent/Burn - receiving a strong waft of exotic terpenes, having a distinctive dank skunky fruit fragrance, scented of sweet berries, with hints of herbal pine. Taking on deep inhales of sweetened skunky berries, followed by an earthy piney herb flavoring. The exhale becoming a sweet earthy pine, leaving a subtle sweet fruity taste lingering behind. Burning off a fluffy light grey ash, and sprouting a greasy ring of resin from early on

High/Effects - White Elephant is a mysterious hybrid that offers up effects from both sides. Filling the head with an uplifting euphoric enhancement, bringing on a positive blissful mind set. As the stone progresses further in, the focus transfers from head down to body, sending a sensation of easing relaxation over it, removing all discomfort being experienced. This strain having the best results later into the day or sparked up during the evening
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Strain - Coastal Pink

Visual/Texture - medium sized arrowhead shaped nugs, having protruding fox-tailed formed tips. Crispy shelled exteriors, semi firm density being met by some resistance, being completely coated with a sticky resin lining. Showing off a bold forest colored shades, accompanied by deep portions of indigo, along side bright neon green undertones. There's a strong presence of thin fiery orange hairs, and caked out in a healthy spread of shining sugar frosted trichomes

Scent/Burn - instantly enticed by emissions of loud terpene scented fuel. Aromatics filling the nose with a pungent floral skunk, unified by sweet herbal pines. Taking on deep notes of floral skunk, followed with a sweetened herbal pine, and mild earth flavor. Exhales coming out as more of a skunky earthiness, lingering with a faint sweet floral pine. Burning off a lighter silver colored ash, and trailed by greasy oil

High/Effects - Coastal Pink a hybrid that provides indica resembling effects, which are experienced after a few hits. Feeling the stress drift away being replaced with an uplift of blissful euphoria, while thoughts become foggy as your head is occupied by a haze. Midway through the a stone, feelings of relaxation begin to settle in, easing you into a mellowed state. A strain that leaves very little motivation, probably best used later day or in the evening
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