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Blackberry Platinum/Skywalker OG/Gas Basket/Pink Runtz * Kannabu * December

Strain - Pink Runtz (Zkittles x Gelato)

Visual/Texture - smaller sized buds being shaped with tapering spear headed structures. Fresh sponge density that's quick to return to its original form once released. Surfaces being occupied with medium olive green hues equally accompanied by deep lavender shades, and showing emerald colored undertones. Populated with shorter skinny brownish orange pistils, and caked up by a healthy coverage of frosted snowy trichomes

Scent/Burn - wafting off deliciously scented terpenes, having an immediate allure. Heavy fragrances fronted by floral herbs, accented by scents of a sweet fruit vanilla, with subtle hints of earthy citrus. Flavored of sweetened floral berries, vanilla herbs, backed with a light earthy citrus. A sweetened floral earthiness coming on the exhale, lingering with a continued fruity citrus. Burning off to an ash that's evenly salt & peppered

High/Effects - Pink Runtz is an evenly divided hybrid (50/50) providing the best of both worlds. Opening up with an onset of euphoria that replaces all racing negative thoughts, with an unfocused bliss. A subtle numbing sensation following, flowing over the body while slowly easing on feelings of relief, resulting in a laid back finish while promoting a much calmer state. This flavor infested smoke proving beneficial at all times of day
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Strain - Gas Basket (Gary Payton x Bakers Dozen)

Visual/Texture - large round pepper shaped girthy lumpy mass. This fresh textured sticky bud, soft textured and taking on new form when applying pressure. Shades of darker olive coloring encompassing this large structure, along with medium mossy hues, neon green undertones, and being highlighted by deep plum patches. Showcasing a healthy amount of lighter fire orange hairs, and covered in an absolute infestation of icy sugar frosted trichomes

Scent/Burn - announcing its loud aromatic presence right out the gate.  Blasted by exotic terpenes that consist of dank overtones of petrol gasses, following lighter notes of sweet creamy herbs. Coming off quite similar when smoked, drawing in hoots filled diesel gas, hinted by sweet vanilla, and earthy herbs. Exhaling out moves towards more of a sweet earthy diesel, along with a light vanilla linger. Leaving behind a lighter grey ash speckled with peppering, along with a ring of resin grease

High/Effects - Gas Basket being a potent indica strengthened hybrid (70/30) An initial uplifting surge of euphoria, clearing the head of any racing negative thoughts, while eliminating all existing stress. A sense of relief is slowly distributed over the body, becoming more calming while experiencing an effective relaxing sensation. This strain proving most beneficial later in the day, or roasting on in the evening time
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Strain - Skywalker OG (Skywalker x OG Kush)

Visual/Texture - complied of one medium sized bud extending outwards with its elongated stature. Firm textured density with allowable flex, fresh feeling with crispy shelled exterior walls. Varying tones of olive green spread throughout, accented by vibrant violet shades. Shorter lengthed copper pistils providing generous coverage, and dusted in a fine coating of glistening milky trichomes

Scent/Burn - unmasking this stuff, immediatly being introduced to a vocal waft terpenes. Sporting an aroma consistent of pungent skunky herbs, followed by sweet spicy pines. Receiving a dank skunky herbal flavor on the inhale, along with a cedar spice. Released out as an spiced cedar herb, with faint sweet pines. Mostly a lightly salted ash with tiny pepper specks, and a resin ring showing up after a few draws

High/Effects - Skywalker OG compiled with a heavy presence of indica (85/15) feeling the results very shortly after smoking. Lifting the mood to a euphoric state of happiness, placing you into a state of contention while being lost in thought. Relaxing effects slowly building up sending out a warming relief, satisfying any discomfort that's being experienced. As the high wears on, motivation takes off in the oppostite direction, with hunger striking just prior to burnout setting in. This strain proving more worthy for blazing later day or once the evening hits
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Strain - Blackberry Platinum (Blackberry Kush x Platinum OG)

Visual/Texture - medium sized statures to these beautiful tapering spear shaped buds. A semi firm fresh feeling density, being reshaped when pinched, with an interior that's being occupied by sticky resin. These nugs sharing the real estate between darker shades of olive green, with buried patches of light lavender, accompanied by deep sections of indigo. Tiny fiery orange hairs scattered throughout, and brushed in a generous amount of thick snowy glistened trichomes

Scent/Burn - pulled in by its alluring scent of terpenes. Filled with overtones of sweet fruity berries, ending with light notes of earthy citrus. Pulling in sweetened herbal creamy berries, followed by a mild citrus earthiness. Exhaled out the flavor becomes more of a sweet earthy citrus, with a lingering berry flavor. Clean burning to a lighter greyish white ash, and circled by oily resin shortly after ignition

High/Effects - Blackberry Platinum having an imbalance leaning towards indica (70/30) Receiving an inrush of uplifting energy, alongside with a mood accelerating euphoria. An increased focus briefly experienced before more calming effects begin to sink in, providing a warm sensation of relief that's experienced over the entire body. This resilient smoke is suitable for blazing up without time being a factor
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