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Various Strains - SaveOnDoobs - Sept 2019

Fire OG

Herbal aroma, slight hint of citrus. Similar herbal taste on inhale. Hybrid effects. Pretty good overall, probably my fav strain from SaveOnDoobs.
Purple Space Cookies

This one packs a punch. Took a single bong rip and was knocked on my ass. Strong indica effects, slept like a baby afterwards. I know what you're thinking and no that's definitely not mold, just the knots in the plant matter.
Jack Cleaner

First trying hearing about / trying this train. It's supposed to be a cross between Jack Herer and another strain, so I had high hopes for it. Nice strong sativa high, has a fruity aroma and taste.
Lime Soda

Extremely strong citrusy aroma which I love, like the smell is overwhelming when opening the bag. Sativa/hybrid effects, chill clear-headed high.

Re: Various Strains - SaveOnDoobs - Sept 2019

Jabronijoe wrote: Sat Oct 05, 2019 1:35 pm This is hilarious. You post a psa in the review topic saying reviews must be thorough and that 1-2 sentence reviews would be removed by admins.. But here you are, the admin, posting your 1-2 sentence long reviews in the pics topic... Nice workaround.. Too lazy to write at least a paragraph huh?
The “Pics and Videos” section is different than the “MOM Reviews” section. This section is just like /r/MOMPics. All you need is a pic, description is optional. The MOM Reviews section is just like it sounds, it’s specifically for actual reviews rather than just pics.