Fruit Punch Gummy Worms * Gustos Green Room * June

Brand - RSO Gummy Worms - Fruit Punch

Visual/Texture - seven magnigicent maroon wiggly worms, tucked inside a mylar being removed from the package without any issue. Soft squish able worms separated by a dusting of granulated sugar, giving a kick to the flavor while significantly reducing any stickiness. Visually appealing little worms having distinct details behind each shapely mold, with ringed lines over the length of the body, tipping off at the tail, and a notably fatter head with eyes

Flavor - once tossed back its chewable consistency requiring minimal effort to down. There's a nice Fruit Punch flavor to these, tasting decent while leaving behind no remaining film, with a minor lingering bitterness after consuming, easily countered by the assistance of a beverage

Potency/Effects - an accurately dosing of RSO being applied to these candied crawlers, combining 25mgs of THC accompanied by 6.5mgs of CBD. Receiving an elevated feeling after sliding back a few of these small squirmers, and a little time passing. A heavy feeling moving directly behind the eyes with an applied pressure, while an onset of euphoria completely heightening the mood. The high then ventures its way across the body, before bringing on a full state of relaxation. Capable of day use if taken in single formed increments, with a few of these gummies best left for night flight
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