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Opulence Shatter Bar Milk 41% Cocao 250mg THC Sativa/ No Cares Squares Gummies - BC CANN CO - February 13


Their packaging is always top notch because it is highly discreet, odourfree and always damage free.

Opulence Shatter Bar Milk 41% Cocao 250mg THC Sativa

Bag Appeal - The packaging is elegant, and provides ample information on its contents. The chocolate looks well made and similiar throughout. It looks like delicious artisan made chocolate and everything about it looks great. My Ranking: AAAA

Taste/Smell - The taste is everything I could hope for because the sweet & creamy flavours are delicious & there is no weed taste at all. I have to be careful not to over do it, I could eat the whole bar. My Ranking: AAAA+

Potency/Buzz - I ate 1/3 of the bar, which equates to around 85 mg of THC. The effects came on at around the 1 hour mark & continued to climb for 2 more hours. The effects are couch locking, relaxing, spacey & happy. I also got really hungry near the end of the buzz. Strong and potent buzz that lasts many, many hours. My Ranking: AAAA
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Their packaging is always top notch because it is highly discreet, odourfree and always damage free.

Prairie Max Wellness No Cares Squares Full Spectrum 3:1 THC/CBD 200mg Pack

Bag Appeal - The packaging has good information printed on it that helps provide all necessary data one would need. The gummies are a vibrant red colour, square in shape and have some nice graphics on the front of every gummy. They feel soft, a bit sticky and well made overall. My Ranking: AAAA-

Taste/Smell - It is really tasty, fruity and it hides the thc flavour well. There is a berry/fruity, creamy and cocoa nut oil flavour that I found really great. It tastes homemade and less processed then other weed candies. My Ranking: AAAA

Potency/Buzz - I ate 3 squares which totals around 100 mg of THC and 30 mg of CBD. I started feeling relaxed, happy, uplifted and spacey around 1 hour after consumption. This feeling got stronger for another 2 hours before it started to fade away into a heavy sedation and a great night's sleep. It was stronger then I thought and I woke up a little baked still.  My Ranking: AAAA
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