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Huckleberry Soda - KushStation - June 2022

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2022 12:28 pm
by licketyspilt
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When I opened the bag I noticed that the buds were big and dense. They were a dark shade of purple with some green and orange accents. It smelled like berries and a bit sweet. I was very impressed with the presentation since it is unique and beautiful to look at.

When using this strain I expereienced an intense body high and felt more creative. The high was great and suits the way this strain looks. The taste was exceptional and also a stand out feature. With each hit I got a rich fruity and sweet taste that had me want to do it more and more.

Overall, I enjoyed this strain alot because it allowed me to relax and chill throughout the day without feeling too sedated. Definitely glad that I tried this strain and I will be getting more later!