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Triple Infused Blunt * Pacific Cannabis * September

Strain - Triple Infused Blunt

Visual - a threaded twist top thick glass doob tube holding in this Crop Kingz brand blunt wrap. Two g's of Sunset Sherbert flower being infused with bubble hash are twisted inside of a Pineapple Blast flavored blunt, dipped in distillate, and coated in a generous layer of kief spread over its entirety stopping just shy of the branded sticker wrap

Smoke/Burn - pulling in smooth tasty infused tokes behind each puff, bringing out flavorful hits that are surrounded by sweet tasting tropical fruit overtones, with a hashy citrus herb emerging on the backend. Exhaled off to a continued fruity herb, with a lingering earthy citrus. A lengthy burning smoke that creates a fluffy silver ash, while building up grease over the session

High/Effects - this Triple Infused 2 gram Blunt brings on a potent power packed punch, wasting very little time for the effects to kick in. Any thoughts of motivation disappear within the first couple puffs, while applying an immediate pressure begins right behind the sockets, and hitting the dome with a euphoric lift that's brings on a mood of bliss. Gradually becoming more relaxing the longer that it sinks in, bringing on a relieving sensation of warmth, subsiding all existing discomfort. Turning to this beauty blunt later day or baking up in the evening
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