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The Wellness Temple White Rhino Madness!

MoM: The Wellness Temple

I ordered from The Wellness Temple in my search for some good White Rhino and I was not disappointed. The price for an oz is pretty much as high as I will go but totally worth it. The buds came in a cylindrical plastic container to ensure the buds didn’t get squished which was inside a vacuum pack along with a free gram of super Nuken and a free Afghani kush pre-roll.

When I opened the container I was shocked. The distinction White Rhino smell was potent! Then I started pulling out big nug after big nug. 8 big buds! I really wanted to find time to take proper pictures of these buds as they are so nice and the pictures I have don’t do them justice.

White Rhino:


Wow. Nice big buds that are almost a shame to break apart. The smell is intoxicating. The dry and cure is impeccable. Barely hit the joint with the flame and it’s burning perfect. The burn is so smooth, so cool, so yummy. Nice clean ash, slow burn. A really nice treat. I open the jar once in awhile just because I love the smell. The high is so relaxing. Pain and tension seem to melt away. It’s mostly body but there’s a little euphoria that creeps in as well. This is a creeper. The first couple times I smoked it was late at night and the effects were creeping in when next thing I know it’s 9 hours later lol. So I had to try it out durring the day and I really quite enjoyed it. It’s not very motivating but very relaxing and happy yet I can see that if I sat down for a good session this stuff would mess me up. I found what I was looking for and highly recommend it.

Free gram of Super Nuken and Afghani pre-roll:

What a nice surprise. Nice Nuken smell, smooth clean burn, nice mellow high. I’m guessing this might be their AA which make me want to try the AAA for sure which is why I ordered their indica sample pack recently.
The Afghani pre-roll was the best pre-roll I have had from a MoM yet. They advertise nothing but premium flower and they deliver. I could see lots of nice orange hairs through the paper. Again so easy to light. The smoothest, cleanest, tastiest burning pre-roll I have ever smoked. Nice kush flavour, clean ash, smooth smoke. Nice freebie for sure, added one to my last order to top it up for free shipping.

Overall rating: 10/10

Reordered recently as I saw that both their indica and Sativa/Hybrid sample packs are on sale. Half oz, 4 strains and a glass pipe in each. Too hard to pass up and a good way to see what some other strains they offer are like because I really liked what I received so far.

Re: The Wellness Temple White Rhino Madness!

Keyll wrote: Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:42 pm Looks like an amazing flower! I've never heard much from these peeps. Beauty.
It really is, I’m going to make a point of taking pictures with a real camera just because these buds deserve it. So far this place seems really great, in their opening post they claim to source Vancouver Island organic flowers and from what I tried I believe it. Very clean smooth potent buds, even the little popcorn super Nuken was good and I think it was their AA.
https://canadianmom.info/forum/viewtopi ... 3579#p3579