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West Coast Cannabis White Rhino popcorn buds

MoM:West Coast Cannabis

In my search for quality White Rhino I was tempted to buy durring their $99/oz deal recently. The deal was too hard to pass up and was reassured that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Well...I certainly wasn’t. Nice little aromatic light green frosty buds. This is not the most potent White Rhino I have had but potent non the less. Nice clean smooth smoke, clean ash and nice light flavour. I smoked this durring the day and was pleasantly surprised. Relaxed and happy, enjoyable burnout. Great before bed.

Overall rating: 10/10
My first order with them and they delivered on what they promised.

Re: West Coast Cannabis White Rhino popcorn buds

Deezy88 wrote: Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:25 pm How does it compare to the Wellness Temple and what was the price difference?
It doesn’t compare. Wellness Temple buds were all huge ripe nugs, with lots of purple hues. The Wellness Temple Rhino smoked better, smoother and hit harder. There is a huge price difference though, WCC has it priced at $130 I think, totally worth it but at $240/oz from The Wellness Temple is more than worth it because you will have a hard time finding better White Rhino. I used the temple10 code and it was $216 I think.

Average nug comparison: