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Exclusive bud

I wanted to do a review about this company because I feel they should be recognized. Their CBD bud is amazing. I bought a bit of each and the price was worth it to be able to sample each one and find a strain that was perfect for me. The packaging was discrete and smellproof and they even threw in a little extra :). My favourite one was the blue dragon desert frost.

I have a friend with MS and he has been on the fence about incorporating CBD with his current path to wellness. He is a seasoned MS cannabis user of over 20 years. He mainly uses his own homeade highTHC concentrates. He educated me on how the plant could help me with my issues, so I thought when I got all my CBD stuff I would thank him giving him some. I caught up with him a few days later he told me that he actually slept straight without pain or spasms. He was so excited to actually sleep without pain.

We actually took some of the product to look at under the microscope. The product was clean with no mould and no bugs. Product was not dry and arrived in a timely fashion. I will definitely be purchasing again. Keep up the good work.

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