Re: Which picture looks better?

Third Pic
(or First with a bit of post processing to bring up exposure and maybe a slight colour enhance, if it was for a professional/business client)

The first is spot on in focus, but could of used a step up for exposure, still a great pic. As King Tut mentioned it would give the closest to the "naked eye" view IMO.

The second is slightly over exposed, but even worst, it is well out of focus, throw that one out (not really, never through out pics) ...Sorry Tony, lol.

The third is best IMO, you have an item for scale, exposure & focus are good, and the composition is good, (not centred is better). I would use Three. ...or One

I'm viewing this on my desktop monitor, it's professionally colour calibrated for photo editing, take this with a grain of salt as we all view things in different ways.. & I'm not a Pro photograher, just a 20 year serious enthusiasts/amateur...
Pic one and three can easily be fixed in post processing (photoshop or even just windows), Pic Two cannot be saved, you cant fix the focus (you can a bit but not really, lol)

2cent Tip, use a smoother base and wall, the textures can be too busy, and one colour works easiest with the camera. Something like a piece of blank white/black/gray paper, even coloured, or go the other way and use a nice grainy piece of wood for a natural/outdoorsy feel... and you want to be able to make it look seamless, one long sheet of paper so there are no edges in view..