Honey Oil (Sativa) * Chronic Farms * November

Strain - Honey Oil (Sativa) by Jungle Ridge

Visual - this pre loaded syringe is capped with a twist on rubber cap that's ready to be uncorked for immediate use. An amazing product that's a quick potent powered addition, offering a variety of options for getting you lit. Clean visually containing a translucent honey golden hue, easily able to regulate to a desired amount

Smoke - smooth draws flowing with full flavored terpenes, having a sweet herbal taste followed by a sharp citrus zest. It can be consumed directly, creating some intense edibles, or painted on a paper to form a golden ring of resin sap seeping down the joint providing a trail which substantially lengthens the burn, adding flavor, and effectively ensuring a solid stone

High/Potency - instantly building a pressure directly behind the eyes accompanied with feelings of elevated euphoria & welcoming bliss, completely free of any stress and anxiety. Later on there's a substantial decrease of energy, which are substituted with relaxing thoughts, and supplying a sensation of warming relief. This Honey Oil best being reserved for later day use, with its slightly sedative come down
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