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Noobie on my experience with saveondoobs

So I just wanted to share my experience with the 4th MOM website attempt with you guys. They’re called saveondoobs. ca (the most genius name IMO lol). A friend sent me a link and right away they’re offering 25% for your first order. I figured you can’t go wrong with that! Plus free shipping when spending $100+. The sites I’ve previously used were $200-250 so needless to say the it was a no brainer to give it a shot. I ordered shishkaberry. Along with some twisted jelly bombs and gummies from Faded. My total order was worth $160. It arrived two days later in a sturdy vacuum sealed box which was nice as the last websites I used were just in a bubble envelope (but also vacuum sealed). The box was very neatly organized and sealed with the company’s branding sticker placed inside of the lid, a nice discreet touch but right away I noticed things I didn’t order! A cookie from Mary’s edibles and a chocolate bar from Baked. I’m lactose intolerant so obviously it wasn’t my shit. I thought oh great they sent me the wrong package but as I went through it everything I ordered was there so it was a mess up or they included the treats as a bonus? Either way I was stoked and the wife loved the baked goods lol. When it came to the flowers, what you see is what you get. You can tell these guys take their own pictures of exactly what you’ll be receiving. Not stolen off google images of leafly. Scale showed it was 0.4g over weight also! So it made sense they threw in some extra goodies for free, these guys are generous! The buds were nice, great smell and smoke and not dry like what I've sometimes been receiving with other sites. Yes I’m sure they’re aware I was a first time buyer and did some ass kissing but I’m more than happy and definitely making them my new favourite and number 1 on speed dial...or bookmark? Lol I’ll continue to try out the sites you guys recommend on here as well, we are spoiled with options huh?! Apparently these guys are pretty fresh into the MOM scene so I’m sure they’re gonna have the time to focus on making sure everyone’s taken care of correctly

and orders are sent out ASAP. My only possible gripe would be if they’re sending out free baked goods that they should seal it by itself just in case they surprise someone with a peanut allergy lol. 10 outta 10!

Cheers mates!
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